Dewfish Demonstration Reach

The Dewfish Demonstration Reach is the state’s first native fish strategy demonstration reach and has become the flagship project for the Condamine River Rescue program led by Condamine Alliance.

The purpose of the Reach is to promote the importance of a healthy river system for native fish populations and the greater river catchment. This goal has taken on a special urgency with current native fish populations down by 90% since European settlement.

Determined to ‘bring the fish back’, Condamine Alliance developed a strategic plan for river rehabilitation in the catchment and has led a revival mission along sections of the Reach since 2006.

Its passion and commitment is shared by many individuals and organisations within the catchment who have been instrumental to the creation and success of the Reach. By working together, Condamine Alliance and its community are confident the native fish will return.

The Dewfish Demonstration Reach is underpinned by strong and passionate community-wide involvement.

While Condamine Alliance leads and manages each stage of the project, it is the support and participation of landholders, community groups, schools, local businesses, industry groups and all tiers of government which guarantee the project’s success. Each partner has played an important part in improving and protecting the river system to help restore the native fish populations.

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